Self-care is being self-aware

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You’ve got this

  • Whether you’re locked down alone, with family or friends you need to be mindful of your own mental health in order to help yourself through this.
  • You may be staring at your books, online work etc but have no impetus to get to it.
  • I’ve been there with both my degrees and know how hard it can be to focus.

Let me ask you a couple of questions: 

  • What are you doing to take care of your MH?
  • What is your ultimate goal or desired outcome during this unprecedented time of isolation?

Write down your answers to help you start to set goals; we’ll explore this further as we go on.

5 tips to calm those worries and jangling nerves:

  1. Clear your desk, close all the tabs on your computer, silence the phone.
  2. Focus, on something you can see out of your window. Notice what it looks like, it’s texture, colour, size shape etc.
  3. Sit comfortably somewhere. Close your eyes, lower your chin slightly and count your breaths. Count to ten and start over. 
  4. What makes a happy mind for you? What brings happiness or joy to you? Write it down. The mind is a muscle that needs work. You have been working it in school/college/university for years. Now, use it to focus on your happy place. 
  5. Set yourself one goal around caring for your MH that you can achieve today. Research states that people who set goals are more successful. Ensure you can carry it out.


Sit or lay down somewhere comfortable. 

Take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Breath in and out, in and out.

Now I want you to just focus on your breath. Close your eyes.

When we’re put in unusual situations where we feel isolated or absent it can lead to confusion and apathy in our mind, so we don’t quite know what to do or where to go. We may feel lazy or disinclined to do anything. Understand that this is natural and just refocussing or refiguring what it is we need can help calm a jittery mind.

You, as students, are in a period of transition so give yourselves a break, accept peace and space into your lives for now and know that, at the end of this, everything will be ok. 

For now, think about that happy place you devised, what does it look like, what are the sounds and smells, who is with you, are you alone? 

Perhaps you’re somewhere warm, feel the heat on your skin, the glow in your cheeks. Notice how it calms and soothes you like a soft blanket or calming bath. 

Are you swimming in the sea? Look at the fish, notice their beautiful colours, a rainbow of life encapsulated in nature. Magnificence. Note how easily they weave and bob and live side by side in harmony. Let them soothe your soul as you float effortlessly on the calming waves.

Live in your happy place for a while and absorb all it has to offer, give yourself permission to relax and allow your mind space for peace.

Now, very slowly move your fingers, wiggle your toes, open your eyes. Notice how you’ve allowed yourself calm in the chaos and celebrate all that you have achieved.

Well done and always remember that I have complete faith in each and every one of you.

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