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There is always a blue sky behind the clouds. It’s still there, waiting.

Todays Questions:

  • At a time when the world is turned on its head, studies have become an isolated event and we’re locked out of our usual environment loneliness can feel overwhelming.
  • What can you do today, right now, to help combat those feelings?
  • Who could you call, text, email?
  • Is there someone who needs you? Can you think of anyone you could contact to brighten their day?
  • What questions could you ask them?

Write down your answers to prompt and support you.

When we reach out to others to help them or ourselves, we stimulate a feeling of:

  • Achievement, that you took the plunge at a time when it felt most difficult.
  • Success, at opening up to others or supporting them in turn.
  • Confidence, to reach out again and more often.

All of the above = blue sky territory.

Today’s tips are 5 things you could try to combat loneliness

  1. You message someone and tell them you need support.
  2. You call a person you feel needs help and offer it.
  3. You suggest a Facetime or WhatsApp study session together.
  4. You ask someone/many how they are feeling today.
  5. You tell someone/many how you are feeling today. 

All these baby steps bring light into yours and other’s lives, and the clouds naturally move on.

Lie or sit down somewhere quiet.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe in…and out…in…and out.

Now check in on your body. Are you holding any of your muscles tight, are your shoulders hunched up or your hands clenched? Is your jaw tight?

Concentrate on working down your body and check in that everything is relaxing.

Today I want you to visualise all the small wins that you have achieved every day.

It could be that you have managed to do some study, despite not having the urge to do so. Or perhaps you made yourself a warm drink and a hot water bottle. Maybe you felt grateful for having this opportunity to just be.

Visualise those minor successes, think about them now and feel that buzz of achievement and the desire to do more.

Remind yourself of how hardworking you are, how tenacious you’ve been with your studies, how hard you’ve tried. And now, the Easter holidays are here, and you can relax. Allow yourself to have that time. Give yourself the pat on the back that you deserve.

Feel gratitude, feel confident and just enjoy being in this safe space, in this time and relax.

You are living through history; congratulate yourself for staying in and staying safe. 

Finally, thank yourself for being the wonderful you that you are.

I have faith in each and every one of you. Celebrate you.

Audio of meditation.

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There is always a blue sky behind the clouds. It’s still there, waiting. Todays Questions: At a time when the world is turned on its

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