About students in mind.

I opened my own beauty salon when I was 19, with a wonderful friend. Over time we decided to move to pastures new (but remain great friends).

I became a retail manager in women’s fashion for over 10 years. Fab job, travelled round the country trouble shooting whilst managing my own store like a ninja. Did my first degree then through the O.U. Took 6 years, whilst working 12 hour days!!

Anyhoo, got the B.A and moved on to A level lecturing. Loooooved it. Loved my subject (Literature), loved my classroom, loved my students. Amazingly versatile, funny, creative, passionate, frustrating, argumentative, excuse-creating, wonderfully brilliant humans they all were; even the ones I could have happily felled with a blunt instrument! Got my M.A then as well.

But we were struggling. I could see the self-harm scars tattooing their arms and their minds alike. 

That’s when I started to implement the mental health tools, I was using for myself and my daughter, into the classroom. I put into practice the wellbeing strategies I’d learnt from courses, books and surviving life in general, and it worked.

The students became more chilled, engaged, supportive and happier. Their attendance improved and so did their results. The student community we built in the classroom supported each other brilliantly, they discovered the power of gratitude and kindness and they thrived.


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