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I am a mental health wellbeing facilitator in education, helping students and staff to improve their mental wellness through implementation of strategies and tools within the classroom.

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One of my greatest passions…

Is to support both students and teachers to create a more harmonious and supportive community in the classroom. So, by using my tools, strategies and tactics both they & you will all thrive during student life.

A little bit about Me

Sarah Harvey BA, MA

As an experienced lecturer, coach and mentor of 18+ years I am confident in engaging effectively with students and definitely a ‘people person.’ I understand the learning process and employ a variety of styles, with enthusiasm and humour to support them on their journey.

And, I am passionate about promoting and improving mental health, in the classroom, for teachers and students alike. I have led the implementation of evidence-based practice, growth mind set, mindfulness, meditation and support strategies within my practice that has led to improved outcomes for students (& me) both emotional and results based.

That’s why I created Students in Mind.

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Sarah was a committed and innovative teacher whose students consistently achieved high grades. Sarah always understood the importance of student mental health and wellbeing in relation to their learning and development and was something of a pioneer in the classroom in this regard. This was made apparent to me through student focus groups and their feedback was universally positive. Their exam results bear testimony to the efficacy of Sarah’s practice.

Michael Brind
English Lecturer and Team Leader, Liverpool
As a professional colleague Sarah has always taken an innovative approach in her teaching. Whether that’s the way she embeds learning activities or in her day to day interactions with students. She has that ‘connection’ with them that stands her out as an exceptional teacher. Her willingness to embrace different methods to engage students led her to focus on their wellbeing and mindfulness. We often ‘shared’ students across subjects so I could see directly how Sarah’s creative approach; putting their emotional wellbeing first, benefitted them: they were calmer, more attentive and ready to learn.
Jacqueline Tookey
Jacqueline TookeySociology Lecturer, Liverpool
Sarah has helped both my students and her input has been nothing short of amazing. Her coaching has helped the students to build relationships within the class and support each other. We have worked on helping the students to focus on what they want from their studies, each other and from me, their teacher. Sarah’s patient approach has really paid dividends and has provided the students with a platform to feedback any worries or anxieties they may have. Sarah’s focus on students maintaining a balanced and positive approach has helped students to recognise their own talents and has really helped to build their confidence allowing many of my students to blossom and become fully engaged with their studies.
Sarah has also been a real benefit to students with low self-esteem, anxiety and stress and have been able to feel more at ease in the classroom thanks to Sarah’s help and support.
Sarah’s enthusiasm for supporting each and every student shines through and she has given many students new ways of looking at situations. Sarah has helped my students to consider new perspectives so that they now have alternative ways to look at situations when they arise. I have found that many students now have more compassion and empathy within the classroom and has helped to make my job a lot easier than it was before.
Stephen Burns
Stephen BurnsEnglish Lecturer, Milan & London
I will always remember Sarah for enabling me to see a true reflection of my ability and for actually making me feel valued. She went beyond what a teacher should and always paused to make sure we were ok. She used MH tools to motivate and calm us and I will never forget – ‘it’s not if, it’s when.’
She helped us grow and never gave up on me even when I wanted to the most.
Sarah is caring, encouraging, filled with optimism and hope and taught us how to be a true class team supporting and helping each other. She’s what a teacher should be – a star.
KulveerStudent, Liverpool
Sarah is the greatest ever. We were all successful and that was Sarah’s reward. She was like the ghost in Hamlet, our moral guide and support. At times when our fears felt overwhelming Sarah’s tools and skills helped to allay those and keep us on track. She worked so so hard to make us believe in ourselves the way she believed in all of us. She’s the best and she knows what works.
Joe, Zoe, Saffa, Kulv, Emma, Sarah-Jane
Joe, Zoe, Saffa, Kulv, Emma, Sarah-JaneStudents, Liverpool
Sarah consistently motivated me to succeed because she not only made the lessons fun and enjoyable but she implemented activities to calm and de-stress us and always cared about how we were feeling. Thanks to that I wasn’t too worried about my exams as I knew she was always there to help calm me and make me feel capable.
It was my pleasure to have been taught by her.
ZoeStudent, Liverpool

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I am currently on a ‘Spread and Adoption of Mental Health in the Workplace’ programme with the NHS Innovations Agency

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