Enabling You To Thrive

I am a mental health wellbeing facilitator in education, helping students and staff to improve their mental wellness through implementation of strategies and tools within the classroom.


Supporting both students and teachers to create a more harmonious and supportive community in the classroom.

One of my greatest passions
to support both students and teachers to create a more harmonious and supportive community in the classroom. So, by using my tools, strategies and tactics both they & you will all thrive during student life.

Sarah Harvey BA, MA

As an experienced lecturer, coach and mentor of 18+ years I am confident in engaging effectively with students and definitely a ‘people person.’

understand the learning process and employ a variety of styles, with enthusiasm and humour to support them on their journey.

And, I am passionate about promoting and improving mental health, in the classroom, for teachers and students alike. I have led the implementation of evidence-based practice, growth mind set, mindfulness, meditation and support strategies within my practice that has led to improved outcomes for students (& me) both emotional and results based.

That’s why I created Students in Mind.


"Sarah was a committed and innovative teacher whose students consistently achieved high grades. Sarah always understood the importance of student mental health and wellbeing in relation to their learning and development..."
Michael Brind
English Lecturer and Team Leader, Liverpool
"Sarah has helped both my students and her input has been nothing short of amazing. Her coaching has helped the students to build relationships within the class and support each other. We have worked on helping the students to focus on what they want from their studies..."
Stephen Burns
English Lecturer, Milan & London

From Meh to Magnificent! Ways to Grow through Student Life

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